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OccupationalErgo Consulting provides support in OccupationalErgonomics that prevents workplace injuries, improves workforce morale and optimizes company productivity. We minimize workplace risk factors, and consequently employees feel more valued by their employer and are able to work more comfortably. Employers reap the benefit of higher worker productivity and lower medical, disability, and workers’ compensation costs.

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OccupationalErgo is particularly adept at identifying and implementing office and industrial workplace improvements that improve productivity. Our consultants are able to effectively communicate with employees and top management, bridging the communication gap in order to get great results.

Neutral posture is an important component in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries at work, at home, and during leisure and sport activities.  Neutral is the position where joints and ligaments have the least amount of strain, muscles are balanced and working together, and blood flow and nerve conduction are optimal.  Biomechanics refers to the mechanical forces at work within and acting on the human body.  With a focus on biomechanics and neutral posture we are able to help employees understand the importance of positioning and posture on their ability to work more productively, more comfortably and with far less risk of injury.


The result of our work at OccupationalErgo is that employees understand how posture, both good and bad, can impact their ability to work, play, rest, and spend time with loved ones. We get best practices implemented, reducing injuries, lowering costs and improving productivity.